Steel-Eye Solutions

Steel-Eye was conceived and subsequently engineered to provide the most comprehensive;

  • Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Managed alert capability for Riverbed’s SteelHead range of xx50, xx20, CX and EX appliances.

Monitoring and data collection uses a combination of SNMP, CLI interrogation and Syslog interpretation, examining more than 200 discreet variables and numerous problem indicators which are not to be found “out of the box”. All these metrics are needed to comprehensively understand the health and status of a SteelHead environment.

Steel-Eye reporting provides key information in summary ‘Executive Dashboards’ together with detailed and comprehensive reporting for a more technical audience.

Alerts uses the advanced monitoring capability to quickly identify service affecting faults, eliminate ‘false positives’, diagnose the problem, pro-actively suggest remedies and provide all of the data necessary to understand complex faults or confirmation that an RMA is required.

Steel-Eye software capitalises on almost a decade of Riverbed SteelHead production experience and thousands of development hours has been put into this tailored SteelHead monitoring, reporting and alerting solution.

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