Steel-Eye Solutions

Steel-Eye works 24 x 7 x 365 capturing detailed performance metrics (every 5 minutes data is transmitted to the DC) which is stored, analysed and then used to generate a quarterly strategic report covering all elements of the SteelHead estate in an easy to read format.

Three versions are available:

Both versions monitor data in the same way and provide the full managed alerting capability (detailed description is contained in (‘Alerts’).

The reports in Steel-Eye Basic and Steel-Eye Pro share some common features and Steel-Eye Pro also contains 8 additional monthly reports. See Steel-Eye Comparison matrix for details.

Common Features and Functions

Monitoring – Steel-Eye Basic & Pro

  • Data Granularity – captured every 5 minutes
  • SNMP (Get)
  • Syslog Interpretation
  • CLI Interrogation
  • ICMP

Alerting – Steel-Eye Basic & Pro

  • SNMP (Get), Syslog, CLI & ICMP based
  • Alerts – information is threshold based, eliminating false positives and preventing unnecessary workload in the NOC
  • Proactive – start to resolve before critical and/or noticed by users
  • Cross referencing – is this fault connected/associated with an already open ticket
  • Error
  • Recover
  • Error description – speed up diagnosis and triage times
  • Remedial advice included – immediate action to resolve problem can be taken
  • Link to enhanced knowledge base – opened automatically to assist with complex or previously unknown issues
  • Automatic ticket generated for pre-defined conditions
  • Automatic ticket close notification when case is resolved or condition no longer exists – ensures support resources are not working on issues no longer service affecting

The Reporting features are different. The Table below details the reports available from Steel-Eye basic and Steel-Eye Pro

The combination of Steel-Eye and the associated Partner’s capabilities and skills are integral to the solution seen by the customer