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Quarterly Management Reports

The quarterly managed reports for Steel-Eye Basic and Steel-Eye Pro are created using all of the data collected over the previous period, the Gigabytes of data are analyzed and is generated into a simple to read report that highlights the key metrics in a “user friendly” format. A traffic light system within the report is used to highlight issues and potential performance impacts/limitations that will require further investigation and/or preventative action.
Steel-Eye Basic and Steel-Eye Pro common reporting sections:

  • Tabulated summaries and detailed per SteelHead sections
  • Global and per-SteelHead recommendations
  • General Health and Status
  • Sizing Performance
  • Top 10 Protocols and optimization effectiveness
  • Global Network and application performance summary
  • Capacity planning
  • The quarterly management reports provide an effective management platform to discuss and plan for those tasks that ensure the SteelHeads will always be optimized as the business expands and new applications and protocols are deployed:
  • Global and local SteelHead recommendations are included, i.e. configuration enhancements and sizing advice.
  • Per SteelHead summary of performance
  • Health and Status of the Riverbed environment, for the SteelHeads themselves
  • Network layer 4 through 7 issues, which can affect SteelHead performance
  • Capacity tracking, forecasting and planning SteelHead sizing and best fit upgrade options when from legacy models.

Steel-Eye Pro reporting includes additional information:

  • GNAP review & trends (per SteelHead, detailed in a separate report)
  • CIFS/SMB DeepDive review (Error code reporting, detailed in a separate report
  • SSL DeepDive review (Error code reporting, detailed in a separate report
  • MAPI DeepDive review (Error code reporting, detailed in a separate report
  • SMB Errors –v– No Errors
  • Top SteelHeads with errors
  • Top Servers with errors
  • Top clients with errors
  • Top protocols by server & connections
  • Top protocols by server & volume
  • Global traffic profile reporting (conections by volume & optimization)
  • SteelHead specific reporting (connections by volume & Optimization)

Steel-Eye is a key component to maintaining a fully optimised SteelHead estate, our expertise is monitoring, capturing, storing and analysing the data that then allows our partners to offer enhanced SLA’s, drive down operational costs and increased profitability.

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