Steel-Eye Solutions

Steel-Eye is based on an “agent” design, which means that a collection device is introduced into the customers network.

The Agent collects all management data and sends it to our Data Centre for storage and processing. The various types of Steel-Eye reporting are based on substantial volumes of historical data collected through SNMP, Command Line Interface (CLI) interrogation, Pings and System Log (SysLog). The Alert Service also uses this vast library of performance statistics combined with conventional error messages to deliver the most focused and accurate alerting and triage service based on a complete picture for each SteelHead within the monitored estate.

Encryption between the Steel-Eye agent and the configuration servers defaults to the arcfour256 (aka ARC4 or RC4) encryption. The server supports the following encryption types: arcfour256, arcfour128, aes256-ctr, eas192-ctr, aes128-ctr, blowfish-cbc and 3des-cbc.