Steel-Eye Solutions

Steel-Eye produces real-time alerts along with remedial advice from the Riverbed and Hawk-Eye knowledge bases together with Syslog data to expedite troubleshooting.

Steel-Eye monitors each SteelHead in the estate, recording the model, RiOS version and traffic patterns providing this detail as part of the fault ticket information plus:

  • hardware
  • software
  • network
  • gateway
  • datastore
  • session
  • specific layer 7 performance issues such as SMB signing and encrypted MAPI etc.

All the vital information that normally takes time to assemble before diagnosis starts and fault resolution actions begin.

Data is collected through;

  • SNMP (Get)
  • Comm and Line Interface (CLI) interrogation
  • System Log (Syslog) interpretation

This means that Steel-Eye understands and correctly interprets the many variables to ensure a complete picture for each SteelHead deployed in the estate, and not simply sending an alert message/ticket if the SteelHead is “up/down/on/off”. Steel-Eye significantly reduces the number of false positives generated by this simple SNMP (Trap) monitoring – the standard available from Riverbed.

This collation of both transient and sustained data allows Steel-Eye to continually build the statistical information needed for proactive, in-depth and comprehensive troubleshooting. Syslog interpretation and data extraction provides effective isolation of information needed to expedite troubleshooting and problem resolution.

Steel-Eye is a hosted monitoring solution; it is 100% focused on Riverbed’s SteelHead appliances and to ensure resilience it is based in 2 Data Centres. This means the service supports the most demanding of Business Continuity SLA’s as standard.