Managed Service Platform

Hawk-Eye provides a range of Steel-Eye products and services that allow our partners to create comprehensive service solutions, from traditional ‘alerting, support and maintenance’ through to a fully managed service. Using these building blocks, partners choose from a range of products and services to engineer the most cost effective and complete service offers for their customers.

Steel-Eye’s managed alerting monitors, notifies and reports on service affecting faults within the SteelHead estate. In order to minimize downtime & the affect on end-users Steel-Eye ensures that all SteelHead faults are identified and diagnosed in near “real-time”, and before the customer is aware of any problem. Fault resolution is completed by the partner working to achieve a ‘fix’ using their RASP capabilities or via the Riverbed helpdesk.

Steel-Eye retains all data for 14 months, this means that trending and capacity planning is based on sustained data volumes captured every 5 minutes (from; SNMP (Get), Syslog, CLI & ICMP).  Alternative and traditional methods rely on average data from fewer data sources that is aggregated and therefore does not allow a detailed understanding and analysis of where and when upgrades or reconfiguration work may be required.  Steel-Eye provides the information that allows forward planning and provides the detailed information to support the business case.

This table shows how the blocks build up into a managed service

*TACmanagement may be directly with Riverbed when Riverbed support is purchased. Otherwise direct with Riverbed Authorised Support Partner (RASP).