The Post Delivery Assessment provides transparent and cost effective support for Riverbed SteelHead project deployment and sign-off. This assessment will reduce the cost and underpin Best Practice roll-outs reducing the number of consulting hours needed by up to 50%.

The Post Delivery Assessment will identify and expedite deployment troubleshooting and configuration change requirements by identifying performance hot-spots and providing configuration recommendations. It will confirm correct SteelHead sizing and effectiveness of optimization of protocols.

This assessment is normally carried out over a 30 or 90 day period.

This Assessment will document a SteelHead environment’s actual health and status, benchmarking this against defined optimization success criteria. Whilst this may vary from end-user to end-user success criteria may include measures such as; Estate deployed 100%, healthy and optimized.
No sizing pressure for protocols being optimized during the reporting period, for example:

  • TCP connections
  • Datastore utilization less than once per month
  • WAN utilization

Protocols being optimized against protocols defined as in scope, highlighting any unknown protocols and plus protocols out of scope and their potential impact, some examples are:

  • MAPI; in scope target optimization 45%+ actual average optimization during reporting period 55%+ – signed off
  • CIFs; in scope target optimization 40%+ actual average optimization during reporting period 48%+ – signed off
  • Custom HTTPS delivered application; in scope target optimization 40%+ actual average optimization during reporting period 45%+ – signed off
  • Highlighted port 10566 (Netapp SnapMirror replication) not defined as in scope but achieving 60%+ optimization and dramatically reducing replication window, should this be passed through?
  • Highlighted several unknown protocols consuming SteelHead assets with poor optimization, identify and consider passing them through if not in scope.

For more information – see Post Delivery Assessment doc