The Steel-Eye Health Assessment provides a detailed analysis of an existing SteelHead estate. Over 90% of customers can expect more from their existing investment, as over time network devices, users, sites and applications have changed, all can have an adverse effect on WAN Optimization performance unless the necessary changes (re-configuration or RiOS upgrades) are made to the SteelHead estate.

Steel-Eye captures the detailed information needed to ensure optimum performance is re-instated, without regular monitoring and remedial work application acceleration will have degraded over time until there is very little WAN Optimization within the network. The Health Assessment highlights normal and abnormal behaviour, what applications are being optimized, and how effectively, plus other information so that a fully optimized service for business critical applications can again be delivered.

This assessment has proved effective for both new and longer term Riverbed users. Whether looking to find the information needed to resolve issues, tune an environment or plan for the future. The Steel-Eye Health assessment report is created using data collected over a 30 day period, the data is presented so that key metrics and highlights are delivered in a “user friendly” format. The report breaks down into the following sections:

  • A traffic light system to highlight issues and potential performance impacts/limitations that will require further investigation and preventative action.
  • Tabulated summaries and detailed per SteelHead sections
  • Global and per-SteelHead recommendations
  • CIFS/SMB2 Deep Dive (seperate report)
  • General Health and Status
  • Sizing performance
  • Top 10 Protocols and optimization effectiveness
  • Global network and application performance summary
  • Capacity Planning.

Before publishing the report it is first analyzed by a Riverbed Certified Solution Professional (RCSP), any global and local recommendation included are made by an experienced engineer with years of practical experience working with SteelHead appliances. The corrections and enhancements can then be acted upon by our partners to fine-tune the environment for the best possible performance.

This assessment is normally carried out over a 30 day period.
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