Health and Sizing Assessment

The Steel-Eye Health & Sizing Assessment is an enhancement to the Health Assessment report, providing additional information to support the business case when upgrades are required or where capacity constraints have been identified. It uses the data collected over 30 days to produce statistics for all appliances in the estate, highlighting those that cannot meet the demands for optimized traffic.The key metrics of TCP Sessions, Bandwidth and Datastore utilisation are used to understand the actual workload.

The Health & Sizing assessment provides a basis for informed decisions, rather than the traditional “rule of thumb” sizing method based on the number of sessions per user. The report uses the standard Riverbed upgrade recommendation as a benchmark, presenting this generic advice along with the appliance able to meet current workload, as identified by Steel-Eye’s 30 days of data capture. This means devices are ‘right sized’, often preventing overcapacity or undersized SteelHeads being procured.

Choosing the wrong (bigger) SteelHead incurs unnecessary capital and maintenance/support costs, correspondingly a device unable to meet the current workload means business critical applications are impacted, users dissatisfied and increased costs will then be incurred when the right SteelHead is subsequently purchased. The report also includes recommendations that allows for a 30% growth, used where organisations anticipate an increase in optimized traffic.

Steel-Eye delivers:

  • A detailed overview of all SteelHeads at their current and increased (30%) load
  • For all metrics relevant to the SteelHead
  • Ensures future upgrades are correctly scaled

For some customers there is already a planned upgrade of xx50 models in 2014 into 2015. The report will identify the correctly sized replacement of either a CX or EX (SteelFusion ready) appliance, provide the facts to assist with the business case, ensuring that an accurate and correct budget is secured over the next 6 – 18 months.

The Health and Sizing assessment will also assist troubleshooting any other problems that may exist in the environment.

This assessment is normally carried out over a 30 day period.

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