Detailed GNAP introduction

The detailed GNAP report provides a per SteelHead report showing the volume of errors seen each week during a 13 week period.

The information is presented in a series of graphs per SteelHead and in a summary table that details the error count figures for each category listed below (per SteelHead).

  • SMB signing
  • SMB v2
  • Delegation errors
  • NFS connections, SDR only
  • Passthrough SSL connections on RFC1918 address space
  • Lotus Notes Connections, SDR only
  • Encrypted Lotus Notes
  • MSSQL connections, SDR only
  • Passthrough Citrix ICA connections on RFC1918 address space
  • Packet ricochet

By site, enabling a Riverbed SteelHead user to drill into site specific site discussions around tuning and potential enhancements for applications delivered over the WAN.

Using this information our partners can define, with their customer, additional PS or engineering resources to deliver further performance improvements for applications able to take advantage of WAN optimization.

See detailed GNAP report here