PPSM - Hawk-Eye
Imagine if you could help customers to fully utilize their Riverbed investment. Provide an unmatched global support experience that will exceed their expectations. All while saving cost in Help Desk through automated trouble shooting and recommendations. Proactive & Predictive Support Module (PPSM™)   Read more about PPSM™
  “Hawk-Eye is proud to announce a Next Generation Proactive & Predictive Support Module (PPSM™) for Riverbed Steel-Head and Steel-Fusion showing its strong commitment to exceed customer expectations, which is a core part of Hawk-Eyes DNA”, says Rene Bach Pedersen, Founder and CEO at Hawk-Eye. Hawk-Eye has created PPSM™ to detect customer support issues, before you know of it, and even before it becomes a problem for the users. It provides notifications based on automated