Hawk-Eye is the author of the Steel-Eye suite of sofware used to deliver the most comprehensive Riverbed performance & Availability Monitoring capabilities. 

Steel-Eye products and Hawk-Eye complimentary services are used by Riverbed ® Channel Partners, Service Providers and Systems Integrators to build enhanced support and outsourced service offers for organisations that already use or plan to deploy Steelheads within their IT infrastructure. 

The Steel-Eye Monitoring Service provides:

  • A fully automated monitoring and data collection capability 24x7x365
  • In-depth reporting and trending of data used to ensure optimum performance within today's dynamic IT environment with two levels of reporting features available from Steel-Eye Basic or Steel-Eye Pro
  • Enhanced and automated alerting 24x7x365 with built in data capture and remedial advice to reduce triage times and support improved SLA's

Additionally Steel-Eye can be deployed to deliver short term (30 day) assessments that support pre and post-sale activity, trouble shooting and detailed information in support of the business case when upgrades are planned. 

Riverbed recognises this platform "as a proven service that continues to be a comprehensive and robust solution for automated Riverbed SteelHead performance monitoring, alerting and reporting".

Hawk-Eye is a Riverbed Authorized Consultancy Partner (ACP) and a Riverbed Authorized Training Partner (ATP) that offers a range of consultancy and design services to support our partners if work-load and projects need additional resources. 



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The Steel-Eye software products and complimentary services are used by our partners to ensure optimum performance for customers that now rely on Riverbed’s innovative WAN acceleration solutions to support their business.


Consistently evaluating performance, pro-actively addressing issues, deploying new licences, updating/changing configurations and making informed decisions on the business critical applications being accelerated have now become a necessity within this part of the IT infrastructure. Our partners need to ensure that optimum performance and the best possible ROI from the investment made in the Steelhead platform is maintained for their customers.


The Steel-Eye SaaS delivers a 24 x 7 x 365 automated monitoring of your Steelhead Estate. Service affecting problems are notified in near ‘real time’, together with mediation advice and all the information necessary to open a TAC case (system dumps, IP address info etc). A truly ‘pro-active’ service means enhanced SLA’s, a more cost effective solution and an improved user experience are key deliverables from this advanced platform.


Hawk-Eye offers it's partners a complete suite of complimentary Professional Services, from a single day consultancy to the full management of complex environments. Typically this will include services such as; design, deployment, Project Management, configuration changes, updates, performance management, business advice & consultancy. This means our partners can draw on our expertise and experience to deliver cost effective comprehensive solutions, ensuring successful projects that meet the customer's ROI objectives.